Material Management

Material Management is an approach for planning, organizing, and controlling all those activities principally concerned with the flow of materials into an organisation.

The scope of Materials Management varies greatly from company to company and may include material planning and control, production planning, Purchasing, inventory control, in-plant materials movement, and waste management.

It is a business function for planning, purchasing, moving, storing material in a optimum way which help organisation to minimise the various costs like inventory, purchasing, material handling and distribution costs.

Features of Material Management


User can access application without any complex training, the system is user friendly with simple installation.


Monitoring of Material Incoming and Outgoing with proper approval levels according to Department and Role.

Online Working

Material Incoming monitoring feature available with Online Module for Material.


Central Purchase, Central Store, Central Uniform Store, Central Receiving Store, Central Bar Cost Control


Application Authentication with User name and password for offline and online module for every Application User.

Multi Unit and Multi Property Store

Single Application can maintain Multi Unit Store and Multi Property Store with their departmental store also.