Matrimony Portal

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Features of Matrimony Portal

Easily accessible

To access a matrimonial site, all you need is a good internet connection. You can access it on a laptop, desktop, tabs, phones etc. This ease of access and good services of the matrimonial sites have increased the usage of these sites. You can access the sites from the comforts of your house, office or any place where there is a internet connection.

Saves time and money

When you go looking for a match in a traditional way, you need a lot of time and money to visit them. Also if there is a large number of people in the list, this can be very tiring and irritating. In such situations, using a matrimonial site saves your time and money you would have to spent on visiting each and every person.

Personalized matchmaking service

Matrimonial sites have people who do the background research of all the profiles that you may be interested in. They use various advanced tools for this so that they can assist you well in finding the best suitor for you who can be your life partner.

Large number of options

Unlike traditional match finding processes, a matrimonial sites gives you abundance of options to look from. In traditional methods, you can only depend on a few people like your relatives, friends who could give suggestions for your suitor, but on matrimonial sites, you have options to choose from a large number of options from various locations, castes etc.

Counselling options

Matrimonial sites not only provide you with easy access and a large number of options to choose from, but also online counselling. Every matrimonial site has an option from where you can contact them or fill an inquiry form on the site and you will get your answers to almost all the questions related to marriage.


Owners of matrimonial sites understand that people do not want everybody to see their profiles, so matrimonial sites are mostly with a privacy option where you can hide your profile, pics, information related to you from people you don’t want contacting you and viewing your profile. Also random public cannot see your details. Only profiles who are genuinely interested in you can have access to see your profile and information.


Along with privacy settings in matrimonial sites, another feature that makes it safe is its protective features which includes that no one copy your profile pic, verified numbers and other important information related to you.

Results according to you

All the matrimonial sites have options for you to filter the results as per your requirements. You can choose the caste, location, profession etc and get results that meet these requirements only.


You can get all the detailed information about the person in their profile. Not only this information is correct, but also verified so that the person can trust the details provided in the profile.