Warehouse Management with POS

TBS Warehouse Management with POS helps you to manage your sales and inventory onsite. Warehouse with POS is important part of the stock management and mainly aims is to regulator the movement and packing of constituents within a warehouse and process the related transactions, including shipping, receiving, picking and dropping.

In any warehouse require to bring out a number of important features for example managing to recording deliveries, pickups, loading and unloading supplies, make purchases, sustaining inventory information and monitoring program, finding suitable places for storage, turning stock as required and also altering inventory levels to reveal receipts and distributions.

A person working with the warehouse management needs to have understanding of stock management and warehousing systems, loading and unloading methods, risky and supplies storage etc.


Warehouse with POS it is easy to access and Integration to your information is the important to managing your business successfully. It helps to update stock information, make purchases, and view sales data from anywhere or on the go.

It covers multiple modules like Dashboard, Sales Management, Purchases Management, People Management, Products Management, and Quotes Management, Multi-Warehouse, Purchase Orders, Inventory Matrix, Accounting & Inventory Integration, Supplier Database, Multiple Inventories, Automated Ordering, Multiple Users, Multiple Vendors, Inventory Tracking, Minimum Markup, Automatic Variable Pricing, Comments & Notes, Internet Communications Settings, Transfers, Notifications, and Reports.

All you need to access this device with the help of internet connection.

Features of Warehouse Management with POS


With overview & best seller charts, latest 5 (Sales, Quotes, Purchases & Transfers)


Standard, combo and digital products with Add, Edit & View (with reports). Import by csv, adjust quantity and update bulk price.  


Add, Edit, Delete & View sales, Receive Payment Online, Cash. Record Delivery order for Sales, Gift Cards (Add, Sell, Edit, Delete & Prints), and return sales.


Add, Edit, Delete & View Quotes, Add sale or purchase from quotes, Download as pdf and email quotes.    


Add, Edit, Delete & View purchases, Payments,Expenses and Purchase by csv file.


Transfer products in warehouses, Add, Edit, Delete & View transfers with status.


Add staff users and related actions, Billers (selling co), Customers & Suppliers with import by csv option.


Staff and customer notifications option.    


System settings to easily set correct settings as you need, option to Manage tax Rates, Units, Cities, Areas and Updates.


Overview and warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts, daily, monthly, custom sales, payments, purchases, categories, customers, suppliers and staff reports.

Multiple warehouses Supports

Multiple warehouses Supports for a wholesale store based on the location & suitability.

Track inventory

Track inventory management movement completely which includes dent request from outlets, receipt of the dents at warehouse, stock dispatch against the dent from warehouse, stock receipt at outlets, etc.

Monitor stock

Monitor stock in shipment which is the quantity dispatched from one outlet or warehouse to another outlet or warehouse but has not yet been received by the respective receiving entity.And many more functionality available with our warehouse with POS software.